is there another life who made god

what do you think the world is about what are we and why are we living is there a god is there another life if god made us who made god.

Answer #1

I don’t believe in God either. But if he did exist, then I would say because he is so amazing, powerful, and whatever, then he would have created himself. Plus, then there’s a greater power than God…and that’s just getting even more complicated…

Answer #2

I’d would argue God isn’t a life he is a being, if you see what I mean and that he did not need to be created, he is too mighty for that but that he is here and has always been here.

Answer #3

I think the movie “Mission To Mars” sums up how we were created. Is their a God- I think there’s a higher being out there. The whole Bible to me is somewhat a crock of sh*t though.

Answer #4

no there was not life befor e god the bible says that he is the beginning and the ending the first and last the alpha and the omega there was none before and there is none after. Hope that answeres your question.

Answer #5

I don’t believe in any gods either, but if it is argued that reality is so complex that only an even more complex being can explain it, then it follows that that being must have been created by an even more complex being…and so on forever.

The alternative is to recognize that complexity arrises from simplicity, rather than the other way around. This then implies that all of reality arrises from the simplest possible reality. The simplest possible reality, is pure logic itself - effectively nothingness.

Answer #6

This life to me, is mostly about preparing for the next.

There is a God, and he is real.

Your last question may have to wait until you stand in his presence.

Answer #7

It is hard for us humans to understand this aspect of G-d. Living in a world where everything has a beginning and an end the concept of eternity is hard to grasp.

Alkane has a very good point, which in a way it is true. With all due respect I do believe that he is a life because he himself calls it a life. But I think that life would be in a different context that we are used to.

Answer #8

I don’t believe in God. I believe that science can dis-prove almost every aspect of God, and things that it has not worked out yet, it will in the future.

I don’t believe that we are here for some “divine” purpose. We are just humans, just like animals we are just here. You live your life the way you want and do what makes you happy and in the end it’s over.

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