What Has God done for you in your life?

God used me to inspire other people to accept him. 10 months ago my leggs just went out on me and I was parapelegic for 5 months. My parents and I were able to tell people that we have a strong faith in god and that really inspired people to ask about him and eventually get saved. It was hard but I thank him that I was able to go through that for other peoples benifit. Please tell me your story.

Answer #1

My life was real rough when I was living at home with my parents. As a teenager, I thought I didn’t have any reason to live any more until I moved out into my own place and met a lady whoes a neighbor and close friend. I think God has put us together since she was able to help me with my family problems and so forth. I’ve had the privolidge to check out some churches and I found one that I feel a sense of belonging and such. When my mother had Breast Cancer, I knew that the lord would touch her and heal her since I thought, at first, she wasn’t going to live. But, she’s a cancer surviver. Thanks to our Heavenly Father. I think he just inspires me everyday even though at times, I feel real guilty whenever I don’t give him the time of day. I should though since he’s done many gennerous things for me. I also thought that god wanted me on earth since I have allot of work to do. Since I have the visual impairment, he knows that I can live a normal life. God can also work miracles. Even though I’m not perfect, I still love him and he knows that. We’re all his children and can do things in life even though we all make mistakes. I’ve made quite a few mistakes and probably make more in my life. As long as I have the opportunity to repent of my sins, he’ll still love me. Our Heavenly Father and Savior are important in our lives especially mine right now. Now that I’m 23 and going to school, I believe that our Heavenly Father will help me to overcome mistakes I make in life.

Answer #2

I dont have any inspirational story to tell anyone,but I beleive in God…

Answer #3

Richly blessed my life in all aspects - from being born in a great, free country - into a family who raised me in the way I should go, Christian values - protected me - opened doors for me - health - provided many materiel possessions - 3 beautiful daughters - great friends, and I know I probably don’t even realize my many blessings - all I know is I am very Thankful for these but most of all, Salvation !! - Jesus paid the price for me on the cross when He didn’t have to, He knows my name, He’s recorded my name, Amen !!

Answer #4

I have done this, accepted God. But I dont think I measure up near enough. Some people tell me I dont have to measure tho.

Answer #5

I was Baptized at 15. however, by suffering with depression, I began to slowly slip away. last year, I went on the ALPHA course, which is offered in many churches, and helps people learn about Chrisitanity. week after week, I noticed my life coming out of the darkness. I’m now happier, and I’ve joined my community church. reccently I’ve joined the choir, because I love music and love praising Him through music. now I’m in a band (not famous, just local), and we are dedicating our music into helping others who are suffering and going through rough times in this world. He’s given me the ability to help others by providing me with the experience of depression and high school situation. now, I’m stronger and a more understanding person than I was before.

Answer #6

“The idea that the creator of the universe would go around rewarding people for faith, is patently absurd.”

Great line toadaly. It should be on a t-shirt.

Answer #7

God would have to start existing before he could do anything for me. Although, I don’t think a rational god would create a rational universe and then willy nilly interfee with it in irrational ways.

The idea that the creator of the universe would go around rewarding people for faith, is patently absurd.

Answer #8

“Hankerchif from a guy named Don Stewart on my ankle and asked got to heal my ankle in just 4 days”

This is hillarious. I hope you meant it as a joke. If not, did it ever occur to you that over the FOUR days your ankle got better on its own.

Answer #9

Honestly, if I didnt believe in God and pray to him, I cant think of how I could have put up with the various difficulties in my life.

That’s a terrible personal story you have there, jester, feel sorry for you

Answer #10

absolutly nothing!!! he has only made things worse. he hates me. :(

Answer #11

Personally, I think if god IS real (which I have do admit I don’t think he is real) I very much would doubt he has much to do with organised religion these days.

Answer #12

Sorry but I don’t believe in god either. =[

While I do respect that you hold the christian beliefs and such, I don’t. I don’t expect someone else to help me in my life, because if I want to do it, I’ll try on my own.

And if I fail at the things I do, I learn to do it better the next time. And it’s not because someone else helped, it’s because I helped myself.

Answer #13

WOW! He has done so much I can’t even begin to tell you! Starting out with when my grandma was on her death bed…we prayed for hours and BAM she was healed! ummm just recently my parents were having a hard time staying together and we prayed and BAM there back together! this cripled man I know was healed when my grandpa prayed for him!

GOD ROCKS! yeah and thanks for the ones who are trying to wittness on this thing! your awesome!

Answer #14

Salvation! Having my sins forgiven and knowing that my children too have accepted Him. God has given me so much in my life and as a single parent it hasnt been easy by any means.Been through hell of a marriage/divorce and being left to go through preg and having a baby alone and raising kids alone and even through the many many times I didnt know how I was ever going to make ends meet things have always worked out. My kids and I have never gone without…God has always provided for us and I know He loves us and personally cares for us. We may not always get what we wanted when we wanted certain things, but we have never gone without the things we need. Even in the material things that arent necessary, we are blessed beyond imaginable! We truely do have an awesome loving Father!

Answer #15

Nothing hes not real.

If God was real I would suppose that he took my grandmother in a time I needed her most, allowed my best friend to be raped and murdered, caused me to love homeless for a while when I was only 8 years old, //casued my a$$hole first stepfather into my life.

I’m not blaming God cause that would mean that I would have to believe in him for that. I just dont get how everything that happens is Gods will and its good. Some times bad stuff happens flor no good reason, God or no God.

Answer #16

He is my life :) and he has never failed me…

Answer #17

Nothing, I don’t personally believe he’s real

Answer #18

God is real!! I believe in Him.

Answer #19

If you dont believe us, fine. but I no these people are saved and that they have something better instore for them after they pass.what makes you not believe though? im curious.

Answer #20

I hear life is a test and yes he has done something for me he brought me and my family on this earth anyways ermmm sometimes I dont believein him sometimes I do

Answer #21

Thanks, But there is no need to feel sorry for me, These things helped make me who I am today. Not through some mysterious way of God but through experience of my own. Assuming that God ever existed , To give credit to God for my accomplishments is like giving the credit to my great great grandfather simply for providing a means for me to exist.

Answer #22

Im not here to force my religion, just to promote it.

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