God's love

How great is our god?and want has he done in you life and how did it shang your Life?

Answer #1

yes you can and do not leta them take that a way give your heart to all of the people. You are doing a good jod as I say keep going with it never give up keep chring to change the world.Have a good day and God bless.

Answer #2

jesus christ’s fother sorre. and ty for saying that intehse. and I love tollking jesus christ and his fother. ;-)

Answer #3

God changed my life recently. even though I have been a Christian ever since I was seven years old, I never really dedicated my life to him. But recently he has changed my heart to love Him more than ever. I discovered that serving Him is the most important thing in life. I am very young, but I can still change the world. 1 Timothy 4:12 Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

Answer #4

I’m sorry…what god are you referring to? Only 70% of FunAdvice is from the US…is it Allah? Yaweh? A snow demon?


Your question is problematic as it assumes that the community believes in god…if I get feedback that this is considered “preaching” it’ll be history.

Re-read here: http://www.funadvice.com/doc/terms ( you know, the rules you agreed to when you signed up ). And here: http://www.funadvice.com/doc/about (what our company is trying to do…) to find out why this question could be a problem.

As for what god has done for me? Well, assuming that there is a god and we’re talking about the same one…he gave me a mind with which to decide that it isn’t “god” after all that drives me, that gave me wonderful children, friends and family but that it was perhaps my treatment of others, genetics, evolution and my actions that drove the results that have occurred.


Answer #5

If you want to talk about god with your friends, friends who don’t need clarification as to WHICH god you’re talking about, then you needn’t post a public thread. You could always start a uhhh… heh… start a ‘Groop’

Answer #6

can I pray for you eney famle members if not just say so. ty and god bless you.

Answer #7

which god are your referring to?

Answer #8

Don’t be sorry. I am sorry for your poor spelling. No-one is perfect :)

Answer #9

god has done things for the god and the bad he took my fathers away when I was 13 and I was very sad but I knew that god did it for the best and three years later he blessed me with the man of my dreams who reminds me of my dad and a beautiful son who omg acts just like me dad…but other then that god has blessed me and my family with a lot and he blesses me everyday when I wake up…

and you should ignor the rude comments from ignorant people its just the DEVIL…GOD BLESS YOU…

Answer #10

I’m Atheist,everything I have done I have either had some help from others or I did it with my own hands and mind.

Answer #11

way do I have to have a code to creat a new group

Answer #12

I can’t it want let me. captain

Answer #13

I am sorre for want I sed to you intehse that will not hapen a gen.

Answer #14

thedude want can’t I toke to my frends?

Answer #15

and you should ignor the rude comments from ignorant people its just the DEVIL…

…so sayeth the pot to the kettle…

Answer #16

he gave me a very special girl in my life, like no other. God has made me the happiest man in the whole wide world :)

Answer #17

I don’t believe in god I believe it’s up to me to change my life if I feel the need :)

Answer #18

I am sorre you file that way ;-)

Answer #19

I rather give it all up for jesus thow I may sin I no that in my haret I no that Jesus christ will be with me win I am down he is there win I am blue he ia there and win I lift up his name he is there and win I are you tell people a bat him he will all was bethar loveing you just as he love all of his childer. there is no othere god but the lord god omite there will never be a nother god. god is always going to be with you and me for the rest of are lives you can’t tell me he is not rell becos me and you can see the merecls he dos for all the people on this world that shod tell you sometheing. I will tell you this I am tring to live more and more like him. even if I can’t be totel like jesus or god I will be closs to it the cross mens so mothe to me I will neve let no one to chriu to chang that. :-0 have a good day my famle christians and god bless

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