I feel extremly ugly

I feel beyond ugly all the time. Sometimes I don’t even want to get up in the morning. Sometimes it’s painful to look in the mirror. I can’t even explain to you how I feel. Everyone tells me to, be positive and blaaah But I really don’t know how to make myself feel better about myself Help ?

Answer #1

yeah thats me.

thanks guys !!!

Answer #2

omg I feel the same way wanna talk about it funmail me:) :)

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Answer #4

thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart thank youu

Answer #5

haha you krazy, you hella trippin. you hella cute!!

Answer #6

no your not ugly mandyyy your a lovely young lady

Answer #7

I have the same problem ..I can t look at the mirror and no one understands me…when I see beautiful people I feel that I m super ugly…I think I have bdd(body dysmorphobic disorder)and I m strugelling…I m not happy all the time…I advise you to seek help and don t let urself stay depressed because how you look like…I m going to doctor(psychanalyse)

Answer #8

well maybe if yu have a boyfriend or a friend yu really trust with everyting thing talk to them about the whole situation because im sure yu dont want to spill yur heart out over the internet . but if yu feel like yu want to talk to someone who wont judge im hearr

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Answer #10

Well the girl in your profile pic is very hot and has sexy kissable lips. Is that you?

Answer #11

If you’re ugly as you think, then who is beautiful?

Answer #12

Nobody in the world is ugly. We are all beautiful. There is no such thing as ugly.

Answer #13

honey! your sooo not ugly! if anything your drop dead gorgeous! I would die for a body/ face like yours!if anything talk to your parents, maybe talk to a counselor or something!

Answer #14

okay, you are not pretty. So what does that very cute girl whose picture you are using in your profile feel about you using her picture on a question like this?

Answer #15

well people used to constantly make fun of me and terrioize me . so I guess that’s why ?

Answer #16

Dont think about what other people thinks about you. just think in a positive way. Dont think about what you look like becausse that doesnt matter. I mean I think im ugly but that doesnt bother me any more bexcause I took this advice. The only thing that should matter is your personality not your looks.

Answer #17

Listen dudette..everyones beautiful in there own way..if someone tells you your ugly or makes a comment then tell them to f*ck off because you don’t need that negativity..your wicked pretty don’t let anyone tell you different :]

Answer #18

some people will be so damn positive and they’ll say your negative, what I like to say to everyone is; “I’m not negative! I’m positivly negative” and when I see my self I look so boring so …not perfect, I see so many beautiful people I just want to scratch off my face, but later at another time I see my self in something new or see a not-so-attractive person and I feel so releaved, but guilty too for thiinking that… you should try over doing some make up just to your self on night, dress up crazy and then get rid of all of that and try to pick something so comfertable take a bath or shower and don’t fix your hair don’t look in mirrors and put on your pjs or something comfertable! and you’ll feel good about your self for a while

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