Please help I feel ugly poeple say I dont though please help

im ugly well my fiends say im so cute but I dont feel that way I feel like im the ugliest person in the world I feel like if I look in a mirror it will break I even feel uglier with with make up on but people say I look gorgouse but I still feel like the ugliest person in the world can some one tell me why please

Answer #1

omg I am and feel the exact same way about myself/ Bt if everyone is telling you how pretty you are chances are you are. You probaly just have loww self-esteem thant what I have bt im learning that everyone id beautiful no mattter what abybody says so yea you just have low self-esteem

Answer #2

I think you like people telling you, you’re beautiful so you can keep reminding your self you need counseling.

Answer #3

well clearly you have self-esteem issues you should try to figure out why you feel this way

did anything traumatic happen to you? that would explain it

maybe you are just depressed?

maybe you just arent wearing the clothes that you feel comfortable in?

btw nobody is ugly im sure you are gorgeous :)

Answer #4

you have low self esteem. you are beautiful because God made you that way. and you need to believe people when they say your cute. or you could go to google and image search the worlds ugliest person. it will make you feel so much better! :)

Answer #5

sorry but not to the comment users but for the one who awnserd the question you obviously aint satisifed with yourself

your lackin confidence

Answer #6

I feel the exact same way, but you know what? I got over it. I put on hardly any makeup, Just usually maskara, you probaly have something beautiful about you. People say they love my hair, freckles, and eyes. It’s fine, just listen to them and don’t reject the complements. I’m sure you’re HOTT.

Answer #7

ok im 13 and I feel the same way. my best friends the most popular girl at school, im one of the most popular girls at school..but im theone who gets maybe 5 boys. all the others get like 1-15 guys. I just feel so ugly. but im trying to loose some weight on my thighs and clear up any pimples. I just work on my look and when I get into highschool I will impress everyone. plus all you need is friends. its ok, but even goergous people are ugly on the inside!!

Answer #8

stop saying that your ugly. its a sort of stigma- if you keep telling yourself something, then sooner or later it starts to become true. like if you kept telling yourself that your fat, then your mental chemicals will react with your feelings and your body statrs to react to that, then you actually do start to gain weight. so stop saying that your ugly. you probably aren’t. tell yourself everytime you look in the mirror that you are beautiful. do that for a few weeks, and see how you feel about yourself then.

Answer #9

You have low self-esteem. You probably should seek counseling.

Answer #10

um you should put a pic up that way I can tell you if you are or rnt but if people tell you than I pretty sure you r!!! :)

Answer #11

If they say you aren’t ugly, then they are probably right. Putting on make up will make people think they are talking to a painted face, so scrap the make up and give them yourself. Be individual, and show them your inner natural beauty.

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