What: do british girls shave???

Calling all british chicks!!!sooo do you guys shave your arm pits and legs??? I don’t mean anything mean it’s just my friend said they don’t and I just wanted to make sure because she lies a lot lol! Thanks!!!

Answer #1

I’m British, I shave everywhere as do all other girls I know here in England. What a wierd sterotype to have for us. Wonder where that came from??

Answer #2

It’s a cultural stereotype, along with British people having terrible teeth and the the Irish drinking a lot, you know, those kinds of things. I would assume it’s not true in most cases, and for those it is true for, it’s not because they’re British, it’s a personal choice so leave them to it.

Answer #3

I think your friend is getting confused, its the French who dont shave!

Answer #4

Lol of course we do… I don’t know anyone who doesn’t.

Answer #5

My friend, Libby, is british and she shaves. She actully thinks it’s really gross not too. Haha.

Answer #6

. just like the person above me said, its just a sterioootypez

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