What are these big hard lumps from shaving (girls)?

I’ve’e been shaving my “parts” for like years and I’ve’e started to get these lumps not all the time but some.. And there really painful and big and abit hard.. I have 1 now and it was actually bleeding! And is very painful… My mum said its probs a in growing hair or something but I have no idea.. Is there any creams for after shaving for down there? Or anything to help? thanks guys <3

Answer #1

If you shave down.. that helps. If that makes sense. And if your use a light non-smelling lotion.. that hepls too

Answer #2

yes there are lotions if you go to a groccery store they should be in with the tampons and vaginal creams. you might want to try using nair, or a different method of hair removel

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