Are there any girls who don't shave their pubic hair?

are there any girls that go natural and do not shave their pubic hair? I notice most girls do these days just curious…

Answer #1

I do but I totally dont advise it it makes little red bumps and they hurt and it itches. if your going to do it then get it waxed

Answer #2

I had a girlfriend who didnt grow hair under her arms and neither on her legs and she never shaved her pubes

Answer #3

I don’t shave mine.

Then again, I’m only 15. So I feel no need to.

Answer #4

I do:) im 14 and I think pubes are nasty. :D hahaha

Answer #5

I shave and wax, Waxing hurts bad =| I dont think you should try it haha But it just feels weird to have hair their

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