Girls shaving down there?

Girls I need your advice- Do you shave down there, or use nair, or what? Also at what age did you start?

Answer #1

your not supposed to but if you choose to use a shaver with lotion and I never did star but im eleven k ! good luck bye (=

Answer #2

lol idid when iwas 12!! but iused just regular shavin cream nn arazor! but now iuse smooth very careful!!because if you cut yuhself down there!whoo its not fyn!but the 1st time you shave down there its alil awkward ..but youll giit used to it:]]

Answer #3

I just shave my bikini area and cut or trim the rest! I started when I was 13!

Answer #4

I dont bother, I tried it once, wasnt great.

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