At what age should a girl start shaving?

How old do you think a girl should be before she starts shaving?

Answer #1

u do mean ur legs and pits rite? if so then it varies. u should shave when u start to notice the unwanted hair on ur body. when u notice the hair it means u r starting to become self-conscience of it. but the usual age is about 11 or 12.

Answer #2

My poor sister. I told her to start shaving when she was 9 because I was shaving and she had to be like me.

My mother told me as soon as my breasts started to develop, I should start shaving my legs and under my arms. I happened to be 13. I don’t know what the “right” answer is. Some girls develop breasts later. 13 seems like a good age, though. It is like a passage way to becoming an official teenage girl.

Answer #3

Well I think the girl should have hairs that are seingable to shavem, first… Than it’s her choice…

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