Any other girls out there that shave their backs?

Be honest to this question k..r there any other girls out there that shave their backs??

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my back aint hairy..its more like kinda fuzzy on my lower back, but I dont shave it and dont plan to I think it would grow into a ton of hair if I did that.

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Nahhh why give more info lol...

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welll....typically girls dont have back hair like a lot of men do.....but if for some reason you are excpetionally hairy (and i mean REALLY hairy, not just natural peach fuzz) then the choice is yours. you could wax it or (if you have the money and time) have it removed by laser treatments.

shaving seems like a real pain, but,if you shave your back already and it makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin, hell, go for it. if it makes you happier then why not?

oh an no, i dont personally shave mine. :]

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I don't have hair on back. I recommend you go to lazer epil or to another kind of epilation

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