Do guys care if girls shave down there?

do guys like it if a girl shaves down there or not??


Answer #1

most guys do and I dont mind doing it, but its a b*tch to shave sometimes !

Answer #2

my boyfriend loves it shaved he said its easier to get in and its easier for oral sex…and trust me it makes you less parinoied about what the guy thinks if it is shaved

Answer #3

Personnaly I perfer it, I love to feel a girl if she is shaved, plus it makes oral so much better!!! I just don’t like to see any hair on a girl at all. Its so much prettier shaved.

Answer #4

most guys do prefer it just cuz it feels good to them and its easier for um lol. message me if u need tips on how to do it the easy way

Answer #5

It tastes better shaved… or waxed… or lasered… you get the idea…

Answer #6

well personally i like it natural i like it hairy down there

Answer #7

I think it’s quite revolting when a girl is hairy.

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