How exactly do you girls shave "down there"

How exactly do you girls shave “down there” Btw im 14 y/o girl thnks:d

Answer #1

You boy are freakin embarrassing! And no, she isn’t too young! O.K, all you do is add condition only ‘on the part’ and than in smooth strokes in one direction, you shave it off. It’ll make it bare, and smooth.

Answer #2

Just like shaving anywhere else, I think… Well, I don’t know, I’m not a girl D:

But you’re young, I don’t think there’s any need for shaving there.

Answer #3

well first of all you should be really careful. get yourself a bakini trimmer and you just pretty much shave everywhere. id go in to details but its kinda just like saving your legs

Answer #4

Its very complicated, its best to use a mirrir for the first time, be VERY careful and yea that’s ma advice

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