How often do you girls shave your vagina to keep it smooth.

How often do you girls shave your vagina to keep it smooth. Toni

Answer #1

thank you girls for answearing my question. you vary a bit as regards how often you shave. toni

Answer #2

it can get irritated if you shave everyday. I do it every 3 days because it doesnt really get that bad but id rather be prickly than have it hurt from shaving it too much

Answer #3

when it needs it

Answer #4

I shave mine usually every 2 days. . if I shave everyday I get red bumps. . if you want perfect smoothness everytime what I sometimes to I wait a week because sometimes if its a little long you wont cut yourself at all and you can shave against the hair and it’ll be perrrfect

Answer #5

to be absolutely honest using the Nair products once a week (only if needed) keeps it smooth and rid of bumps

Answer #6

I shave mine usually every days.

Answer #7

you wud need to do it everyday to keep it smooth but as sumbody else sid it gets red and bumpy

Answer #8

Every day in the shower

Answer #9

luey. just interested , curious thats all. toni

Answer #10

And whyyy do you wanna know this…?

Answer #11

zoeyredbird how often do it need shaving ? toni

Answer #12

I shave mine usually every four days…lol

Answer #13

i shave mine every friday tuhrsday night

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