well. I just read a question and the answer and I cant stand an answer someone wrote they think that preppy people are all alike. fake a posers. and honestly. I cannot stand that they thing that only red neck and punk/emo/scene girls are real that gets me so mad because I am preppy and wear makeup because I am a girl and I embrace that I like to try to look nice it makes me feel good so o dont go through the day completely self conscious I am NOTHING close to being a poser or being fake

does anyone agree. or disagree that preppy gils are not all posers? [but I will admit, there are preps that are posers and fake.but not all]

Answer #1

good lord, its horrible to be stereotyped. I got to an all-girls school and we get stereotyped as lesbos all the time. and, you know, its private so we also get the whole “you guys are all preps” from the local public schools too. I just hate it. but we dont let it bother us because we show them differently.

Answer #2

if you’re talking about what I said, I didn’t mean ALL preps were posers. I know some real ones and they are really fun to hang out with. sorry if I gave YOU the wrong impression. I just don’t like the ones that ACT fake. you know, the ones that think they know everything and are afraid to disagree with people. that aint you, so don’t worry. you’re cool.

Answer #3

I’m a “prep” and I’m definitely not fake. I don’t go along with what other people say/do if I don’t think it’s right. I actually speak up for myself and others and I’m not afraid to tell people what I think. And I disagree with you, not all “preps” are posers. All of my friends are “preps”, cheerleaders, football players, “popular people” I guess you can say (and I’m not trying to brag, I was just stating the truth) and none of them are posers/fake.

It just depends on the person I guess. And “preps” aren’t the only people that are fake. There are plenty of people out there that are posers.

Answer #4

Stereotyping is the occupation of the ignorant and envious…don’t get mad, just ignore…


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