This is why I don't like stereotyping

I just noticed that, the only thing that really defines a label, is clothing, It’s funny how , a name can control an entire person especally since people generalize, ( Emo=sad Prep=blonde ect).

I always say, when someone calles me by a label, like if they call me Emo, I’ll just tell them that my name is not emo. becouse Emo is a person, it has personality and a look, Sad depressed, dark and scary. Calling a group of people, by one name would be confusing thats like having a room filled with people all named jessica, all looked the same(becouse you know all emos are the same all asians are the same) It would be alittle confusing.(lol all jessica’s are the same)

So with the information, I just gave you, do you think that if some one says their not trying to look like another person, but turns around and comes on this site and asks, how do I be Emo, or if they Say to you, I want to dress emo. Does that mean that, they do actually want to be another person. personally I wear all diferent genre’s of clothes, just to prevent being looked at as a person that isn’t me. And by the way just look at my username, the person named prep, is a snot, and I hate that person.

Answer #1

I agree with what you are saying. the one thing that really confuses me is that most people don’t know what emo, prep, goth, and stuff like that is. it used to be just a STYLE, but then people somehow changed it into A WAY OF LIFE, like saying if your “emo” you are all emotional. well, I like the clothes that emos wear. if I wear them, do I have to be all emotional? NO! its just a style. kinda like you said. unless its not a style…but then labels have no purpose watsoever. there is seriously no reason to label someone so I agree completely with everything you said.and a label now is retarded because EVERYONE needs there own label because EVERYONE is different. so labels can’t exist for people.

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