Stereotpyes about people?

What stereotype do you fit under ?

Answer #1

im not a can. but, I personally think I’d fit more under REAL punk.

Answer #2

I hate sereotypes! They are stupid and pointless. I don’t fit under any of them (im just original) but most people think of me as EMO.

Answer #3

I fit into ( well this is what people say) Goth, Emo & Rocker. I can aggree with the Rocker one. Not so much goth and deffinatly not emo

Answer #4

out of all the sterotypes out there the one I fit into the most is (real) punk but I dont put a label on myself

Answer #5

my own it’s called I like good people doesn’t matter what they look like or dress like I like to surround myself with good people

Answer #6

I think stereotypes are funny and most are true, but I don’t fit under any. I think the all blondes are stupid one is half true. It’s all the people who dye their hair blonde that are pretty stupid. =P

Answer #7

NONE! good things to I like being differnet and weird

Answer #8

stereotypes are stupid and pointless.

Answer #9

I have no idea. im just me.

Answer #10

hahah , mostly prep.

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