Are there any German stereotypes?

Are there any German stereotypes? Not that I wanna mess with Germans, but I’m just wundering.

Answer #1

Germans love beer and make good coffee…:)

and agreed with susila…

Answer #2

I think the germans are suppose to be heavy drinkers!! & are said to be mostly blonde!

Answer #3


Dear susila2, I’m from Germany. I must accentuate that humor in Germany is not a laughing matter. It has to be taken seriously. The typical German witz (joke) is efficient, punctual, blond, clean and (nowadays) politically correct.

A good German joke-teller will laugh at his own joke, so the audience precisely knows which part is funny. We also recycle jokes to save the environment.

greetings from Germany TheSheep

Answer #4

love mayonnaise cold & distant recycling fanatics organized punctual heavy drinkers mostly blonde take life VERY SERIOUSLY make good coffee clean politically correct

Answer #5

some of my friends who have german ancestors we call them nazi’s and black german ancestors we call them neo-nazi’s even though I think neo-nazi’s kill black people I think… not sure… thats something to google

Answer #6

Well, I’ve studied in Germany and have worked with Austrians… and it’s never a good idea to generalize, but my goodness, some Germans certainly seem to take life Very Seriously - either that, our their sense of humour is very different from mine!

Also the Austrians I’ve worked with have indicated about the same thing - and they’ve been much easier to get along with on an everyday basis…

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