I think that it is ridiculous that stereotypes exist. There is no reason that one should think that a person does or should act a certain way because they are a member of a certain group. What do you guys think?

Answer #1

Of course, who doesn’t hate stereotypes? But everyone is guilt of prejudice thoughts about people.

They also exist people some are proud of lets say, being emo or whatever. Also, middle schoolers love to place tags all over others to make themselves feel better when going through the awkward stages in life. it blows.

Answer #2

I couldn’t agree more. As a Scot, in the Forces, I was always told I didn’t WANT Christmas off, since we celebrated New Year! I HATED New Year, with all it’s drunken Bon Homme. Fight to the death to get Christmas!

Answer #3

I agree completely. but, we do judge people subconciously. we look at someone and think “what the hell are they wearing?” or something along those lines. and we make assumptions based on that thought.
also, they do, in some way, have a reason. some people need to feel like they are part of a group. immitation is the greatest form of flattery? in any case, people that are dressed/ acting like you, you are more likely to talk to and be friendly to. I think people need to drop lables and stereotypes and just LIVE LIFE. but, that’s not going to happen. it’s in human nature to need to feel accepted. belonging to a certain group is one of the ways to make people feel better.

Answer #4

I believe stereotypes exist for a reason.

For example, if you leave someone in charge of your house every day, and you get a different person each time, if something goes missing every time or most times that someone with say, purple hair is in charge of the house, I reckon it would be fair to say you would be rather edgy or cautious of leaving your house in charge with someone who has purple hair from then on.

They exist for a reason, but to judge purely on stereotypes is not the way to go. Plus it is just a “generality” as in not ALL asians are smart for example. Get to know people for who they are and things will work out much nicer!

Answer #5

We all judge people and we do it sometimes with out even knowing we are. I have a little story to share, I was in banking for a long time. Dressed nice, spoke well and did a great job, after some time I started riding my motorcycle to work, as we all became friends we started doing things together outside of work. My first time in a tanktop and jeans with my co-workers one of them so all my tat’s and said “ I had not idea, you do not strike me as that kind of person” I said what kind of person is that and she laughted and said “ I don;t know, but I am glad I got to know you because if I would have seen you pull up at the bank get off your motorcycle and all those tat;s I would have thought different of you” then she said “ Well I just learned a lesson” We all judge and though we may not mean anything by it, it happens, I think clicks are ok, to a point, and I do think it helps some people feel like they belong or fit in somewhere. but do it because it is you, not because it is the “ In thing” I love riding my harley and my tat’s but I do not live what most people would think a biker would live,

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