Am I racist against my own kind or the way they act?

well no offense or racism because I hate that black people live up to this stereotype and all others but this is waaay better than I have it and my folks aren’t divorced blacks rely on abuse and threatening and violence and I hate the portion of blacks that live up to that is this wrong??? I hate when some of us act lopud obnoxious violent and ghetto I wish we could prove whites wrong when they think that about us but it aggrivates me I joke around saying I hate black people -im black- to my friends an one actually thot I was serious!! and it made me wonder …I act like a white person people call me white or oreo I have no prob with it because I do act white but I dont want to be white I just wish we could have no stereotypes and have the same principles because its hard being like me acting white and living with a family thasts not and lives up to the stereotypes sometimes I think id be better off with a white family and I would because thats my personality its not fake its just me all the hair weave lip smackin bad hair bald women ghetto hood lower class obnoxious loud and violent isnt me and I wish it wasnt black people at all I hate that we cant change that stereotype and change the way we act-not personality just violence and alll the stereotypes we live up to. its like we hate when whites put stereotypes on us and judge us but then we go out and prove them right especially with violence for me at least my mom is very VERY violent and I hate it I sometimes feel like I should have been with a white family because thats how I am. what do you think???

Answer #1

I am a african american female. I have to make a comment on this. I will be straight with you. I feel that you are racist because it seems as if you are basing ignorance on just blacks, I love all colors I don’t care what you are. To be honest I know more white and hispanic “ghetto” people than blacks. It’s not the color of ones skins it’s sometimes how they grew up some people may not have been as well off as you are so they had to act a little tougher (ghetto) to perhaps protect what they may have worked so hard for. erasmus27 For you to say what they eat has to do with slavery, good eating is good eating if that’s what they like then so be it, heck I don’t like greens, nor pig feet, watermelon (the so called black mans fruit of choice) because of all this would that make me any less of an black person? No, and by you saying lack of parental guidance you can’t base that one on race I know tons of races who don’t give a crap about what they kids do, and I hate when whites say black people on welfare, it is more white americans than black now how is there possibly more blacks on welfare than whites? I have friends of all nationalites at least 9 different. I would never place the work ignorant over their head. One more thing I think you need to stare in the mirror more ofter as much as you like to tell us you are fine being black you store very much indicates you would prefer to be another race saying and I quote “I think id be better off with a white family and I would because thats my personality its not fake its just me all the hair weave lip smackin bad hair bald women ghetto hood lower class obnoxious loud and violent isnt me “ not all of us are like that. it’s okay if you prefer to be white but don’t down everybody else because you want to be a few shades lighter

Answer #2

I once got into a conversation with a [black] person on his use of calling everyone ‘ni**a’
ATTN STAFF: I am not being racist. Please excuse the slur. Making a point had to use the word.

So, I had a private conversation with him on xbox live. He got really mad ‘cause I kept calling him the ‘N’ word. No, I am not racist.

So, I broke it down for him. And, I defined the origin of the word ni**er.

This is one example of many on how a lot of people are ignorant. Blacks, or African American for you touchy Poilitical Correctness guys out there, promote ignorance. Not all, mind you, just some. I am not saying that only black people are responsible for this. Goes in every race. But, this is a question about blacks being ignorant so let’s get back to that. Rap “music” (notice the quotation marks), the videos you see on television, the sterotypes, etc… is kind of sad. Pig’s feet, and collared greens promotes slavery. The word ‘ni**a’ also promotes slavery. We live in a very ignorant society. I can’t stand it. They sag pants, so white kids see it and want to copy it because “it’s cool”. When did ignorance become cool? Media. Lack of parental guidance in the home. There are a lot of reasons that people end up acting the way they do. Look at what’s on television. In music. We see it everyday. How do you keep a child from being influenced from acting this way? That’s the question. Easy. Raise your kids right. That’s the solution.

Answer #3

how do you define acting “white” ? and how do you define acting “black” ? you have to understand there are trash people of all colors and creed, you have to separate the good people from the garbage based on the things they do, not the color of their skin.

Answer #4

I’m the same way,like my mom says some black people are ignorant but I think it has to do with what goes down in there house or just because they are straight up not in the mood or even better have nothing else better to do.

Answer #5

I am an African American, and I agree with you. I do not like the way that African Americans act. Honestly, I do not really care to associate with them.

Answer #6

some whites are the same way

anyways thax for the comment to my singing thing lol so how long have you been singing for

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