can human beings function without stereotyping?

what’s the pros and cons in stereotyping? is streotyping the norm of life?

Answer #1

Stereotyping is normal to a certain level.

And I think it’s OK as long as you notice that you are stereotyping and as long as you do not believe your stereotypes to be absolute truths.

The problem is, when you first meet a person, you don’t really know them. But there are certain thinks you know about the person. Their style of clothes, their hair and skin color. A scent that goes with them. Maybe their name or the sound of the voice.

You brain uses the few scatters of information to form an image about the person. If the person reminds you of someone else that you know, you’ll automatically assume they are similar. You get those impressions from everywhere - from TV, from what you read, from people you know, from people you’ve heard about.

A couple of days ago I met a guy who wore dirty Jeans and a flannel shirt who smelled of tree gum. I thought that he was a harsh and taciturn person. Why? Because my gandpa was harsh and taciturn and always wore dirty Jeans and Flannel shirts and always smelled of tree gum. But actually when got to know the guy better, I found he was a rather jovial man

And you automatically assume inner similarities when you spot outer similarities.

So when you get to know someone, and you assume any attribute of them - just stop and think about where that attribute came from - it might be someone elses attribute.

Answer #2

the human mind always is catagorizing everything around us. we’ll always stereotype however you can train urself basically to never listen to stereotypes even if your the person who made them. thats what I’ve managed to do

Answer #3

most cant.people tend to characterize someone because of certain things.I guess its all in the person.but its true;; everyone has a righ tot think whatver they want. except sometimes their remarks can hurt others.

Answer #4

Stereotyping is just another way the brain categorizes stuff. If we werent able to do that, then every single piece of information we processed would have to be processed on an individual basis. Making it completely impossible to function at the level that we do. It is not a choice. You cannot teach yourself to not do something that comes naturally. Yes, you can work with your thoughts on how much you stereotype, but at a certain level it cannot be unlearned.

Answer #5

when you assume who a person is thats usually sterotyping. people have the right 2 think about someone from their actions so I think it is normal. however you can help yourself from actually saying what you’re thinking…

Answer #6

stereotyping is normal. saying what your thinking out loud is just plain rude and immature though

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