Yelling at people because their stereotype

can someone please explain to me what the point of attacking someone’s character, before you know them, just because their stereotype is? I mean, I understand if one of your friends is changing or something, give em a wakeup call, but just yelling at people and calling them pathetic because what you see? this happens a lot at my school, and I’m guessing everywhere else, because I just got told to “be ashamed of myself” for being “emo”. by some chick that I don’t even know. I just wanted to know what everyone else thought of this, and if it DOES happen everywhere else, not just around here…

Answer #1

Hollistercazed… sorry but she is right, you get sterio typed also, by hailey :( but yea its cruel

Answer #2

It really does happen all over the world. I remember one day (back in New Zealand) I was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, and had my hair dyed black with blue stripes… and some guy driving by yelled “EEEMOOO!” out his window at me. I was thinking “I like this black t-shirt, and my hair isn’t your standard colour… how does that make me emo?”

Never be ashamed of yourself for doing what makes you happy. Your life, not theirs. They should be the ones who are ashamed for being so afraid of someone different that they attack them. So juvenile…

Answer #3

I understand that, but thinking logically, by being different in the first place, wouldn’t it kinda say that you aren’t conforming to peer pressure?

Answer #4

honestly I can’t stand sterotypes. I get sterotyped SO much its unbelieveable. I’ve been beaten up so many times by little idiots that think they’re so much better than me. when honestly, we’re the same. HUMAN BEINGS I don’t label myself- I think its pathetic, can’t people use their own brain? not have to be in this comfortable little circiut of people attempting to be themselves, by copying? its so stupid…

Answer #5

anyone that dresses a certain way to fit in should be ashamed of themselves

Answer #6

im sorry everyone for the thingy ma bobber I used to try to be emo I just hate… mean emos it all. sorry!!!

Answer #7

It does happen everywhere else. Some people just cant deal with others being different and they think that by attacking them they can get that person to change. Kind of like peer presure.

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