Could there be any other reason why im getting these weird food cravings?

Well i’ve been getting really weird food cravings..things i never eat…i dipping cookies in peanut butter..wanting hot fries dipped in cheese salsa with doritos, and i eat all the i took a pregnacy test..well actually many..and they all say negative… not sure why im eating like

Answer #1

Food cravings aren’t always connected to pregnancy. You could be craving certain foods simply because you are lacking a certain nutrient in your diet.

Answer #2

hmm never looked at it that way…but i normally hate chocolate or anything sweet..and now that’s all i

Answer #3

I haven’t eaten pork in months but I’m craving a hot dog soo bad lol. And maybe you’re going to start your period soon

Answer #4

well i just started yesterday..but i’ve never ever craved like…it’s weird..

Answer #5

i know what you mean! :D once i was craving some oreo cookies creame dip type stuff and gummy worms. i was all whoa :O lol

Answer #6

Do you get these food cravings when you are on your period? That’s probably the reason.

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