What cheap food should I get?

I really want to change my diet and eat healthy because I feel gross and unhealthy, and all my mum buys are junk food. I tell her that maybe we should eat more healthily and she always says that we are actually eating healthy its just that I munch a lot on unhealthy things. I would’ve pointed out to her that I would starve if I try to eat healthy in my house because most things she buys are junk food. but then she’d just get mad and emotional telling me that I’m the one who’s out of control.

okay so, we’re going grocery shopping later and I want to get some cheap healthy food (im kind of broke). what food would you suggest? I prefer fruits than veges.

Answer #1

I think jazlovestoskate and thunderrocket gave you great advice. maybe you could buy oatmeal cookies too. also, you should drink more water.

Answer #2

What exactly does your mom buy? Fruits are wonderful. Try to get her to buy some unusual ones that she may not have tried. What are you saying is junk food?

Answer #3

hole grain crackers, and fruit snacks, 100 calorie packs, whatever fruit juice thats on sale, and just salad.

Answer #4

wholegrain crackers are great, especially with added things like cheese and ham. or even avaodaco nuts are great and healthy as well, you can buy packets of mixed nuts and munch on them when your hungry wholegrain bread is good for sandwiches I used to make sanwitches out of toasted bread, cheese and lettuce)they even have healthy chips nowdays, if there health food section in the supermarket, browse in there for a bit, your bound to find soemthing you like or are willing to try

Answer #5

large bottles of sodas, cookies, oreos, crisps, stuff like that

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