Can you make yourself not crave food when high?

This is weird, but can you make yourself where you dont crave food after you smoke pot?? I know a lot will be against it probably, but for the ones that arent. Do yall know anything that could make me not hungry??

Answer #1

lol Just drink sumthing like a vinalla cappicino or sumthing threw a coffe straw It takes forever to drink. And after one of those you should be Full :P

but not really bc its like just what POt does ::) Yumm MunChiess

Answer #2

with years of experiance, resin makes you have the munchies but skunk doesnt so much. I think it also depends where you are and who with.after a while you will find the cravings subside.

Answer #3

for me, if I eat and get full before I get high, I don’t get the munchies while I’m high so I wont wanna eat. don’t go into a high on an empty stomach, legit.

Answer #4

Pot gives you the munchies. It makes you want to eat everything in sight.

Answer #5

lol, we smoke it far away from stores too, but we always end up finding ourselves sitting at a grocery store. I’ve never tried Alcohol and pot together. I’m not a drinker, but if it would kill the munchies (so i can enjoy the high longer) i’ll try it. We just got a new gas mask, I’ve never used the mask until a/b a month ago. And I guess that’s why i’ve been having the munchies bad. I’ll just have to get use to it lol. We get kush. Thanx 4 answering my ? yall =)

Answer #6

go smoke it away from food and stores and stuff thats what I do I also drink a lot of beer when I do it so that kinda helps

Answer #7

If its higher grade, you get less munchies. At least in my case

Answer #8

Prescription drugs makes you throw up when you drink water. I never got hungry cause If I did blaaah! I wouldn’t try it though, it is NOT worth it.

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