What are some healthier things i can eat when im craving salty foods?

Pregnancy cravings are starting….yay. Lol. All i want is salty food…but i need some healthier alternatives because i want to eat better this time around.

Answer #1

If you drink water when you have a craving, the craving will go away. However, if your not feeling to drink water, i suggest trying that crave-free gum. it’s pretty awesome. and it tastes good and has less than 5 calories a stick. its by Extra. (: hih!

Answer #2

Hopefully this site will help :) http://funadvice.com/r/3ka18pusbj

Answer #3


I know, your thinking how can popcorn be healthy? Well, usually it’s not, but there is a way to make it healthy. Without the butter and all that stuff, popcorn is a healthy whole grain snack. Also, there is even a way to make popcorn fat-free!

You know how you can either get microwavable bags of popcorn, or containers of kernels to make in a pot on the stove? Well, most microwavable bags of popcorn aren’t really healthy, and to cook the kernels on the stove, you need oil.

This is the way I eat my popcorn, it’s fat-free and healthy.

Get a brown paper lunch bag, and fill it with enough popcorn kernels to cover the bottom of the bag. Fold down the top of the bag tightly about 3 times to close it. Put the bag in the microwave, with the folded side facing down.Cook for about 2 1/2 minutes, depending on your microwave. You could also just wait until the popping slows down, be careful not to burn it though. Then you have a bag of fresh popcorn, that actually tastes pretty good! You can add a little salt for extra flavoring.

Also, a few more healthy snacks are…

-Bags of mixed nuts and dry fruit. Like Trail Mix. -String cheese. -Granola bars.

Answer #4

What about adding celery salt onto foods, you can buy it at health shops and should be able to get it at the supermarket, tastes a lot like salt, but it is healthy.

Answer #5

what about a low sodium salt seasoning?

Answer #6

it depends on if it’s the salt you have a problem with or the fact that most salty foods are starchy. If it’s salt, there’s really not a lot to fill the void. For me, I do lightly salted popcorn or nuts. If it’s starch, well, I guess popcorn and nuts! haha. Actually, as a salt lover I oddly find that peanut butter and celery helps the craving somewhat. Fruits, too!

Answer #7

Pickels. They can be salty and they don’t have any calories or fat!

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