How to stop food cravings while on a diet?

What type of activities should I do to control cravings for food while I’m on my diet?

Answer #1

hmm best bet is to clean, stay out of the kitchen do anything to keep mind off of food.. if it is nice leave the house and do errands if you feel the need to eat

Answer #2

chew ice when ever I get really bad cravings I eat ice it fils you up and gets rid of the craving. Or compromise so lets say you are craving pizza instead you could have some crackers with tomaoto sauce on them as a replacement. Also don’t alway limit yourself even if you are dieting I suggest having a little of your favorite food once a day so if you love chocolate then have a square of chococlate per day so you won’t get those cravings plus it a peice of chococlate it won’t kill you. anyways good luck

Answer #3

dont call it a diet, makes it harder not to eat the food. just focus on eating healthy foods.

Answer #4

everytime you get a craving, drink water or chew gum =)

Answer #5

im goin through the same

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