wierd cravings...

I am a normally really healthy person I dont usually eat junk food. but reciently I have been craving cookies, ice cream, candy, anything sweet I also have been craving bread for some strange reason and I dont even really like bread… I feel like im getting fat there is a high chance I might be pregnant could it be that?? I

Answer #1

If you are female, a lot of girls crave sweets before their period. Or you could just be wanting sweets, maybe your body is telling it needs some sugar. Although its a limited amt it is in the food pyramid, it is needed for energy in the body.

Answer #2

well, if your having unprotected sex then you might be pregnant, go see a doctor or take a pregnancy test. If you have sex protected than, CONGRATS you’ve found your sweet tooth and are probably gaining weight because your going through a growth spurt.

Answer #3

If you have been having unprotected sex, then of course you could be pregnant. Although cravings usually do not start until around 3-4 months into the pregnancy.

Cravings are also the bodies way of saying you are missing something and it needs something (nutrients, sugar. vitamins, etc).

Instead of junk - eat fruit. It’s natural sugar and sweet.

Answer #4

Know a guy whose mother let him have sweets and junk food maybe two or three times in his life. Literally. When he was like twenty he had such a bad craving that he actually left in the middle of work, bought a cake, and ate all the icing from on top of it. Your body has needs, and a lot of wants. Don’t be afraid to give in to those wants every now and then, or cravings will drive you crazy. Just like people who won’t eat meat. I don’t get them, and some of them have a reakky hard time doing it.

Answer #5

you dont have to pregnant to have cravings, anyone and everyone has cravings. Its not bad to have junk food just as long as you dont abuse it. And yeah fruits have natural sugars but because you eat healthy a lot, your body could have adapted to your usual habits. And if you are pregnant, it doesnt mean you’ll crave junk food 24/7. Once you eat too much of one thing at once, or everyday, you’ll eventually get tired of it to where you are no longer craving it.

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