Weirdest food craving?

I just woke up with a strong craving for pistachios have you ever had any weird food cravings?

Answer #1

Recently I had a craving for corn chips. Wierd.

Answer #2

Looks like some people are on their month… haha j/k.

Answer #3

I’m pregnant and at 330 am yesterday and needed a vanilla milkshake and white castle burgers… but I dipped the burgers in the milk shake. Did I mention I hate white castle

Answer #4

When I was preggers with my 2nd baby, I always had a glass of lemon juice or vinegar with salt and garlic powder in it… I don’t know why. Just always had to have it. Now my little one has to have lemons when we go out to eat!

Answer #5

tree bark.(dont ask my friend said that er grandma had that craving while she was pregnant.) right now I ave a craving for m&ms

Answer #6

I always crave Doritos with Texas Pete hot sauce. Yummm. Oh and sometimes I crave those little ham & cheese Lunchables. No idea why.

Answer #7

lemon and ranch… lol I hate lemons but I eat ranch with like everything sooo yeaa :]]

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