Pulled muscles in my legs

Well I jog everyday for about an hour to stay healthy but when I do this everyday I always get hurt. Right now one of my ankles is swollen and my calves ache.I wear running shoes and I dont think its from being overweight cause I just went to the doctor and she said I'm not(I'm 15, 120 lbs, 5'3). So how can I avoid pulling muscles?

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thanks for everyone's advice :)

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They say you need new running shoes every 200 miles or so. Who really keeps that detailed of a book of how many miles they run? Most problems are either from running form or shoes. Old shoes hurt, and so do new ones if you start running in them immediately. New shoes need to be broken in, so walk around in them for a few days. Also if you are jogging at a decent pace then stretching isn't as big of an issue as if you were sprinting. Maybe see a running coach and talk about form or go to a Running Shoes store and have them evaluate your feet.

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twhat ever muscles ache afterwards means there weak and you need to work them out

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You might want to switch to ellipticals if jogging is causing you problems.

crunches, legs apart?

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stretch, before and and after,and soak in a hot Epsomsalt bath for twenty min

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