How to gain muscle in legs abbs and arms?

I just joined track and lacrosse about a week ago and my step dad said that if I want 2 be a better runner I need 2 gain leg muscle. Also arm muscle 2 help in lacrosse. Plus I trying 2 get better abbs. HELP ME!!!

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Rowing machines tone all the muscles in your body..great for keeping fit and stamina too ! Write back If this helped :D x

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hi if you have weights or anything heavy but you can still carry try doing sit ups but keep the weights about 1 inch away from your chest

legs:your legs will have the weight of you and the weights
abs: your abs will have the weights
arms: your arms will get bigger by keeping the weights up 1 inch

hope this helpsand write back if this useful

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riding mountain bikes. strongly suggest. thats what I did, I gained a ton of muscle.

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