Is it able to suddenly not be able to sleep and die?

I hurd people can go on without sleep for days weeks, months or even years if they have some sort of disorder causing it…I

myself have a moderate insomnia.. every day I think about what will happen if I dont sleep.. and my mind actually challanges me… like “if you do that or think this youll not sleep”.

Is it possible that without any major disorders youll just.. stop being able to sleep?

So far I could only sleep by becoming dellusional… and I assume thats not very good…

My friend said being dellusional is only harmfull if you give into it and stay that way all the time.

Any calming advices or something would be appreciated… and yeah.. I know I already posted about this.. but im really worried and I have no doctor to turn to at this time.

Answer #1

I dunno.. I wos ALWAYS desperate for sleep.. if I could.. I slept for 12 hours or even more!

I love sleeping.. its just such a good feeling.. drifting away in a world of uncoinciousness.

Maybe thats why im so worried… because I WANT sleep. Im … addicted to it.. lol

Answer #2

well sleeping tablets but why would you want to sleep if you dont find the need “el que mucho duerme poco vive” aka the more you sleep the less you live lol

Answer #3

No. If you do not get any sleep at all you become severely psychotic and well you seriously do damage to your mind and body.

‘My friend said being dellusional is only harmfull if you give into it and stay that way all the time.’

Right. Your friend who has what degree in mental health? Very few people who are psychotic are hallucinating or delusional 24/7. Most people have lucid periods. Including severe schizophrenics and anyone else with serious mental disorders. And people do not give into delusions. That is not usually a conscious choice. You need to contact a mental health professional. There are places which will take you on a sliding fee basis if payment is the problem, and if it isnt, you need to go find any psychiatrist and talk to them. You could be seriously damaging yourself.

Answer #4

Drink a cup of herb tea some time before going to bed (no sugar), it has helped for me and I have a mild insomnia. Hope I helped :)

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