I havent been able to sleep lately

alright so for some reason I havent been able to sleep lately and having to stay up till 6 an 7 in the morning and not getting sleep till 8 an schools comin up in about a week I’ve tried using sleep aids and benydryl but it doesnt take affect I need some help

Answer #1

turn off the computer, tv anything that will keep you occupied. try doing sumthing tiring such as excercise take a bath or shower so yu feel clean and relaxed lay down in the dark at a resonable time.. try not to nap during the day stay up a full 24 hrs and dont go to sleep till it is dark that will reset your sleep patteren. I had the same prob for years.. it may not always work =[ but its worth a try

since school is coming up try getting back to a schedule such as waking up on school time this will make yu more tired at night

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