Do most girls shave down there?

okay so everyone’s starting to shave “down there” is that weird or do most girls really do that?

Answer #1

some girls do and some girls don’t. I do because it’s summer and if I’m unshaven, a bathing suit can reveal a lot. so if you’re thinking of shaving, first trim it, then shave in the shower. Intution is a really good razor cause it has a soap bar around it that has stuff in it for sensitive skin

Answer #2

it is really a personal preference. I do, it feels fresher… to me! But it is not necessary ! actually it is not even recommeded! mmm you might want to try just shaving your bikini line and see how you react to it. If you react fine… then go ahead and shave the rest. But be careful! Because there are a lot of disadvantages of shaving ‘down there’

-in grown hairs (ouch) -razor bumps -irritation -allergic reactions to the shaving cream/ and or razors

for the ingrown hairs you can use a heat pad, to relieve some of the pain and for the razor bumps and irritation you might want to buy an after shave personal moisturizer.

and another thing… Don’t do it because everyone else is doing it. Do it because you want to! PLUS no one has to know if you do or not… that is your lil secret. ;)

Answer #3

it’s not wierd. a lot of girls that I know shave “ down there “ it’s really common. : )

heard of the brazilian? yeahh.

Answer #4

Everyone’s “starting” to? what do you mean. Well I personally been shaving down there.

Answer #5

I’ve tried… and tthe next day it just itches and burns… so now I just shave the top quarter and trim the rest.

but my friend told me that if you dont want it to itch and burn than go with the grain… so I guess that means shave down.. she said it wouldnt be the closest shave, but youd be comfortable.. im just not comfortable shaved… just neat

Answer #6

actually most girls do shave ‘down there’. Its normal if you do and its normal if you dont. Honestly nobodys going to see unless you show them so its completly normal and a lot of girls have started shaving and waxing and stuff.

Answer #7

I do…

Answer #8

If your thinking about shaving it, consider waxing instead. You won’t get any of the ingrown hairs or bumps, plus it’s a lot smoother and lasts longer.

Answer #9

A lot do, but from my perspective as a guy, a prefer trimmed rather than shaved.

Answer #10

I tried to shave down there, but I got red bumps, so I use nair now, but I have to get a bikini wax next week. OUCH!!

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