eve. satan. and a tree! (:

my aunt is a Jehovah witness and she was telling me the story of adam and eve and how god created them. Anyways, so god created them and then satan said he could do a better job at ruling the world so god allowed him to try. so satan tempted eve to eat from the forbidden tree. didn’t god make them perfect from the start? if they were perfect, why did she feel temptation and curiosity and why did she disobey god? is it possible that we created these feelings on our own, or were we designed we these emotions by god? or was it because satan was allowed to toy with us that THEN she was no longer perfect but listened to satan? I don’t know if this makes any sense! but I’m just wondering!

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I don’t believe the whole adam and eve story. Wouldn’t that make everyone inbred? No offense to the religious folk out there.

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uhm why did God give satan permission to tempt people, knowing that people would break the rules? not to mention, God created satan and people, so its really God’s fault… If God had created a different satan or human, it wouldnt have happened…

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if you ask your aunt to show you in the bible, satan has been given permission to tempt the children of the Lord, however, it is up to us what we do. Unfortunately, we are not perfect, and will most of the time fall prey to sin. Be earnest when you repent, and HE will forgive you. If we were perfect, we would be GOD.

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* didn’t god make them perfect from the start?

If god made Satan perfect, then he would not have had a desire to supplant god or to tempt Adam and Eve. Why is it that Abraham cultists never bother to think about the nature of Satan, and that god had control over that as well?

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ok :)

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I was reading somewhere else, something about lilith was created first but she was banned.. and then god made eve with a built in flaw. ‘unquestioning obedience?’ who is lilith?!

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um I dont know about that one but I can ask my mom and get back to you if you want

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eve did that because she had free will even though shes perfect and free will was not taken away from the angels the good ones just chose not to rebel and god gave us free will because he wanted us to be good because we want to not because hes controling us and making us good wether we like it or not

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god created humans with a fre will. somethng the angels got taken away from them after the devil rebelled against god. god had the intentions of creating a perfect world and he did. but we messed it up. I asked that question so many times at my christian school they got pissed off. and you have to remember god ways are not our ways we cant always understand why he does the things he does.

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I luv jehovah witnesses

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Next we’ll be debating the story of Santa Claus and his Reindeer.

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your welcome any other questions just ask

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Ahh, thank you. (:

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sure, funmail me.(:

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