What does the Eve after Christmas Eve symbolize?

I kinda caught onto this while I was writing a post for my blog, what exactly is the Eve supposed to mean anyway? I think I have an idea but I would like other views on it :)

Answer #1

Eve means before. Its like Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve…its the day before :)

Answer #2

I have this odd feeling, it’s so weird that they would use Eve, you know like Eve from Adam and Eve? She ate the fruit and then everything spiraled downward. It seems weird that it just means before, I dunno, I think I’m just over - analyzing again :/

Answer #3

Lol perhaps you are ;) Ive never thought about that. Thats a pretty interesting thing to think about

Answer #4

well the word itself means “out of man” because eve was made out of one of adams ribs if im not mistaken. But in this sense it just means the evening before. As for your idea…well language is always tranforming into new words, meanings, slang, so you may have aa good idea why it is called christmas eve.

Answer #5

I mean I could go on and on how Eve just doesn’t mean before, I think it means before grave evil, or dangerous mistake, or something like that but then again, maybe it’s all chance :/

Answer #6

Its slang for evening.

Answer #7

it means evening, as in the evening before Christmas. it doesn’t “symbolize” anything.

Answer #8

As has been pointed out the “Eve” in Christmas Eve (and New Years Eve) derives from the word “evening”. The use of the word eve in this context dates back to around the 13th century. The importance of “Christmas Eve(ning)” is probably based on the Church tradition of celebrating “Vigil Masses” on the evening before the day that is being celebrated, with the Vigil Mass typically being celebrated any time after about 6pm..

Thus the first mass of any Sunday is usually the vigil mass around the time of 6pm to 7pm..

Similarly the first Mass of Christmas would frequently be celebrated as a vigil mass on the evening before Christmas.

I imagine it would originally have been referred to as the “Christ Mass Eve(ning) Vigil”, eventually being contracted to Christmas Eve Vigil, thus starting the tradition of referring to the whole of the 24th December as (the day of the) “Christmas Eve”.

Happy † Christmas - Majikthise

Answer #9

The Time To Remember All Those Who Love And Care For You.. And How Blessed You Are.. The Evening Before Christmas Day.Evening Tends To Mean After Sunset…We Think Of The The Way The Year Has Gone

Answer #10

i belive it stands or evening………

Answer #11

Christmas night.

Answer #12


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