Adam and Eve and The Snake

I know this will piss of some catholics but I found a hole in the bible(not literally but you get it)The bible says the snake in the garden of eden was the devil right? and it also says that adam and eve were the first humans ever and all humans were created from them right? well dosent it also say that the devil was at one point human and when he died he became an angel and that angel demanded the right hand of god and was sent to hell? so the devil wouldnt have existed during the time of the garden of eden right which means that the snake couldnt be there correct?

Answer #1

The devil was one of God’s angels, but he, and a bunch of other angels, turned against god. But I agree with the rest of the question. Hehehe. Another hole in the bible.

Answer #2

The devil was not human he was an angel as an angel he tried to turn all the other angels against God.So he was sent to hell.All the people after him that did bad things were also sent to hell and when Jesus died on the cross they were forgivin and went to heaven.

Answer #3

* “The devil was one of God’s angels, but he, and a bunch of other angels, turned against god.”

From a biblical OT perspective, ‘satan’ is the adversary of man, not god. OT Biblically, he works for god not against him, which is why in Job, he gets invited to the angel meeting.

But then in the NT, the authors decided to turn him into a demon of the sort popular in Hellenistic culture.

Answer #4

The Bible does not say that the serpent that tempted Eve was in fact the devil, or Satan as people know him today. The Hebrew word does not even have that implication. All it says is that the serpent was the craftiest of all the beasts, I.e., the serpent is just a serpent, nothing more.

Answer #5

I’ve never read the bible, I might but I mean whats the point?

I dont care for a higher power, carpe diem xD

Answer #6

I’m with Odal, I don’t believe that any Christian theology presents Satan or Lucifer as ever being human. Where in the bible or other writings did you find that he was? I’d like to read it myself…

Answer #7

The serpent in the Garden is described as a serpent. It is never referred to as a demon, a devil, Satan, or in any other way implied to be anything but an ordinary run of the mill talking snake.

As punishment for deceiving Eve, the snake is commanded to crawl on it’s belly and ‘eat dust’. It’s offspring would bite at the heals of humans, who would step on it’s head.

Does that make any sense in regard to a devil? No.

Answer #8

I was always under the impression that humans could not become angels upon death, nor could angels become human.

Answer #9

Interesting. I think this question will do well. lol

Answer #10

The snake is a snake…

When it tricked ada and eve into eating rom the tree of knoledge…God noticed b/c they became aware of their nudity and trie to make clothes.Well when He banned them,He condemmed the snake to crawl on it’s belly…thus that is why it crawls.

I say that it was just evil..I mean at my Christans on campus, a friend said “We all have a little God and a little Devil in us”

The snake just payed attention to his evil side…

(Didn’t take from toadaly… :-) )

Answer #11

I have never seen an account stating that the devil was once human and became an angel upon his death. I’d really like to read it if you’ll provide the source.

Answer #12

Lol, I didn’t even believe those stories when I was four.

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