Adam and eve lived happily?

If adam and eve exist were are they buried becuase I presume they are dead?

Answer #1

no your wrong they were destroyed god sent adam back to the dirt because when god created man he was made from the ground(dirt)they really didnt say what happen to eve and when got told noah to creat the ark it destroyed all trace of the sinful adam and eve when the world was recreated

Answer #2

* If adam and eve exist were are they buried becuase I presume they are dead?

They lived happily ever after.

Answer #3

…no… more like 6000 years ago… according to the Bible.

2009 years ago would be around the time Jesus was born… again… according to the Bible.

Answer #4

u presume they re dead! ooohhhawww people dese days!

Answer #5

Where were they buried? I’m guessing somewhere in the ground.

Answer #6

They lived happily ever after.

LMAO Toadaly :-)

or uuuhhhmmm were they eva born, I wonda ??? No, No sorry totally fictional!

Who know, maybe sum writer knew he is gonna make a few gold coins producing a script to a king, cause he knew how superstitious they were! So why not sell them stuff they wanna hear, like: god made you king of king’s and scare him and his followers to death by satan and HELLL!!! Just the backup a King needed in that time!

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