What did Adam and Eve do in the Garden of Eden?

I wonder what they did while they were there. Please help me out here. I was wonder what type of activities you guys think they did. Any answer would help.

Answer #1

Your answer is in Genesis 1.

Answer #2

Do you think they had sex while they were there?


Answer #3

Do you think they had sex while they were there?

Answer #4

yes they took care of the garden. Adam would walk with God and talk with him Adam named the animals

Answer #5

They toke care of the garden

Answer #6

They rode around on dinosaurs playing polo with pterodactyl eggs. Sometimes Adam would challenge god to a wrestling match, but since Adam hadn’t yet eaten from the tree of knowledge, he didn’t know how to win, so god always won.

On Saturdays they traveled to the synagogue, which was kind of weird because women weren’t permitted in, and god would always go hide behind the curtain while Adam said prayers.

They also enjoyed a lot of “your momma” jokes.

Answer #7

Nothing happened in the Garden of Eden because it is a fictional place.

Answer #8

first of all some people dont even know who was adam and Eve, thats why they answered whatever. #1 God told them to reproduce, to fill the earth with humans. #2 God told Adam to name all the animals. #3 And I guess that they did a lot of fun stuff. #4 they were eating every kind of fruit.

Answer #9

Adam and Eve didn’t exist. There is no reason to surger coat it, if you still belive in this myth then you need to grow up think logical and heal your dillousion.Religion hurts society on a massive scale it also slows sceintific progress and is the reason for most everything involving war and cruption. If you don’t belive this facts up online or if you can think rationally for yourself then please read the bible for yourself start withthe old testement unless you promote useless violence, rape, slavery … Anyone that still dosen’t still belive in tooth fairy or santa clause can see the bible is REPULSIVE!!!

Answer #10

Feyenascrystal, if anything is repulsive, it is telling an individual that they are stupid or incorrect because of their beliefs.

You say that most war and corruption is caused by religion. In reality, violence is brought about through opposition to religion.Now, I realize that you don’t believe that this world was created by a heavenly father, but let’s be hypothetical for a moment. If God created the world to continue perfectly through his divinity, then all things would be good. But, human nature took over. Satan was originally one of the most beautiful angels, but he began to crave too much power, something we see a lot of these days. Satan’s presence represents evil. Because evil obviously cannnot cooperate with good, and both sides are relentless, there is constant battle. So, it becomes clear. Religion does not bring society down, but our own evil human nature interferes with God’s perfection.

Then, you say that the Old Testament, or the bible in general, promotes useless violence, rape, and slavery? I strongly disagree. The bible is collection of stories that portray God’s love, or his plans for us, his children. Because this world creates violence and misconduct, they will unavoidably be a part of our worlds history. God is allowing us to be the way we are and accepting our sins, not saying that they are correct. Honestly, the imperfections make the entire story more believable, in my opinion.

So, comparing the Lord of the Universe to creatures of fiction such as the Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause, is not only down right wrong. It is completely insulting.

Answer #11

Adam and Eve didn’t exist.

Prove it.

Anyone that still dosen’t still belive in tooth fairy or santa clause can see the bible is REPULSIVE!!!

You sound just as ignorant as those religious bigots that try and force religion down everyone’s throat. you have no proof that the bible is incorrect. I agree that a lot of it doesn’t necessarily make sense, but no one really knows. How about trying to respect the beliefs of others around here? The person asking the question didn’t ask for you opinion on whether you thought their beliefs were correct or not.

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