Gender of Snake that gave the apple to Eve?

Does anybody know the gender of the snake that gave Eve the apple??

Answer #1

dont say something unless you know it is true, toadaly. the bible says that when God created Earth and every creature on it, He saw that is was GOOD. and this was after the Devil got sent out of Heaven. therefore the Devil was the only evil that there was at that time. it couldnt just have been an evil snake, because God only created GOOD. therefore it was Satan.

Answer #2

Not only does the Bible not say it was male, the Bible also doesn’t say it was Satan. The Bible says it was an ordinary, run of the mill, talking snake.

Answer #3

the snake is probably the gender opposite of the person answering the question. lol.

Answer #4

I don’t think anyone know that and besides it make no difference to our salvation.

Answer #5

yes it was male, because it was the devil, and the devil is man, a man who thought he was more powerful than god, he used to be one of gods angels but again he thought he was more powerful and wanted to over rule god, I dont even believe in god and I no this!

Answer #6

well, the bible doesnt say it was male. satan can transform into many things, the bible says he can disguise himslef as an angel of light. if the bible doesnt say it straight up, than we dont know for sure, but what we do know, is that it was a serpent and it was not a snake. a snake has no legs. a serpent is like a snake with legs. if you read the bible, it says that God cursed the serpent and forver removed its legs and made it slither on the ground. thats when it turned into what we call a snake.

Answer #7

can you look at the bible and give me the verse where it mentions an apple, word for word?

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