samhain satanic ritual

I am looking for a couple Satanic Rituals I can do by myself, tomorrow (samhain, or hallowe-en) so can you funmail me a link to the details or write them down here please, I would appreciate it greatly

Answer #1

I would love to know all you know, and all you can tell me

Answer #2

Are you even a Satanist?! Don’t be a fool. Unless you’ve read the book, don’t think you can use our rituals and hexes to make yourself feel cool or impress your silly friends on this confused, ridiculous holiday… And anyone who tells you otherwise is a charlatan.

Must you be so callous and ignorant?

Answer #3

Great but I also said that burning crops was the thing to do, so unless you have some crops for burning you really don’t need to do this. And if you knew it’s a time of year why do you think it’s a satanic ritual?

Answer #4

Lol, Samhain is not the devil, nor is it even an actual person. Samhain was originally just that time of year which then became personified.

However there were some rituals done for this specific time, one was making a huge bonfire and burning some crops. This was done to help soul’s out of purgatory.

Answer #5

Samhain isn’t even Satanic. Do you even know what this holiday is about? Please, do tell.

Answer #6

I know, samhain is a time of year and I would like a ritual to honor this time of year.

Answer #7

My apologies for being hot headed, though you still haven’t answered my question. I’ve heard of that ritual before, it’s also not satanic. another little fyi, Satanist call Samhain by the Christian name Hallows Eve. They also celebrate the Celtic holiday Beltane, however, they call it Walpurgis . If you want I can tell you what I know about Satanism, it may be more than you think and may come to benefit you.

Answer #8

actually I have learned a lot, a friend told me it was just a time of year, but after talking to another friend who has done a lot of stuff in necromancy, paganism, and has looked at satanism, I realized my foolishness. Diseaseus, I was a satanist, I have read the satanic bible, by Anton Szandor LaVey, and it was my mistake for thinking the two had anything in common. Dwb91, although burning crops is a celebration in a lot of cultures for this time of year, it isn’t the only thing done to celebrate Samhain, The necromantic friend I mentioned above has done a ritual for eight years on Samhain, to open a gate to the dead, so their spirits can walk around in the night, until its time for them to be sent back. She got me to try it, and its something, interesting, and it seems to work.

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