Could Adam and Eve instant transmission in the Garden of Eden?

when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden could they IT(instant transmission) and hover or fly? and are there still angels guarding the gates up till this day?

Answer #1

I except the fact that they didn’t know they were naked till after they sinned. Like a child they were completely innocent, But they were Human. . . God created man and Then Created Woman with the Bone and Flesh of Man. . . A spirit has neither flesh or bone.

Answer #2


Before we get into this. Do you have any… scriptural reason to ask such a question? Or are you just pondering what ‘paradise’ would be like?

Answer #3

This is one site that talks about the suprascapular ligament that seems to have no current purpose and two foramens (holes or insertion points). The scapula is the “wing bone” at the top of the back adjacent to the shoulder. If you read the abstract it could have been a place for wing attachment..

Answer #4

Irishtomboy made the statement Elone I would like an Answer form Irishtomboy, Or is that tomuch to ask? And Elone, If your going to quote from Scripture. . . . Please give the Scripture. And H6095 Tree is actually a generally common word through out the Bible referring to Trees unless the type ( Palm tree, Olive tree, Apple tree) is used and then they are represented by one single word where we have two.

Answer #5

I never thought about that… but, I am doubting it… however, that is speculation on my part, because the bible gives no reference to it, however, when Jesus got his glorified body, he was able to transport from one place to the next instantanously, and he could eat, yet ,he was spirit, and he could be touched, yet, he could and did go thru doors or walls one, I haven’t read it in awhile, and I am not going to give scripture for it, that will give you something to do, by looking it up !!! This gives us some idea of what our glorified bodies will be like… So, how is that for Sci - fi??? Except that this is the truth…


Many Blessings…

Answer #6

thank you elone

Answer #7

I take the creation of man as being a literal flesh and bone creation, not a spiritual creation.
If you look up the “tree” of knowledge; it wasnt necessarily a tree. It implies made of wood. It is from H6095 that means “ to fasten, to close (the eyes), shut”. The implication is that it was a structure made of wood, like a barrier room or container that was meant not to be looked into, not necessarily a tree. And the word “eat” means to consume, take into the body. If you eat something you digest it and it becomes a part of you literally. Seeing is a way of “consuming” information. I believe the immortality of Adam and Eve is reference to their not being aware of their bodies and Eve “looked” into the barrier room and saw something that made her aware that she had a spiritual part and a physical part of her being.

This is getting a little off topic so I’ll keep it short. This is the first step in a process that changed the appearance and purpose of man (and woman) forever.

Answer #8

rnealw: Sorry about that

Answer #9

I don’t remember where I heard it I think it was from either my mom or somebody else

Answer #10

wel I was wondering because when they were in the garden they weren’t human they were spirits so I was thinking mayb they could

Answer #11

when they were in the garden they weren’t human they were spirits Where do you get this from?

Answer #12

I doubt they could IT(instant transmission) and hover or fly.

Answer #13

Where did you hear that?

Answer #14

I really really really doubt it. . .

Answer #15

no I’m just curious that’s all because I heard that they were prob able to but I was just wondering what anyone else thought.

Answer #16

I don’t remember exactly but when I say not human but spirits I mean their bodies were perfect so they couldn’t get sickness or disease so kinda like a spiritual body. not human because they didn’t know they were naked til after they sinned and a human would notice and care if they were naked but a spirit wouldn’t

this is kinda hard to explain on a computer

Answer #17

doubt what?

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