Who thinks that Adam and Eve ate an apple?

or do you think it was another fruit? If you think it was another fruit, what do you think it was?

Answer #1

I think Adam and Eve ate an apple.

Answer #2

I don’t know if Adam and Eve even existed.

Answer #3

I think that they ate an apple, though it does not specify in the Bible so we cannot be sure.

Answer #4

In one of my old picture bible it had a picture of an apple

Answer #5

In one of my old picture bible it had a picture of an apple

Answer #6

The way I grew up learning it, Adam and Eve ate the apple.

Answer #7

The story never says what the fruit was. I read a pretty good argument years ago that it was in fact a banana but I don’t remember the reasoning. It has also been suggested that it was a fig, orange, and various other fruit.

Another interpretation is that it was a metaphor. It wasn’t an actual fruit that was eaten but rather the loss of innocence and recognition of both good and evil existing in the world. Prior to this Adam and Eve were like animals; nothing was good or evil; it just was. After this everything was dichotomized into good or evil. Eating my have been symbolic rather than literal.

This is interesting to me because in many Eastern religions one must go the other direction and stop dichotomizing everything into good and evil but rather understand that everything just is.

Answer #8

lol i do

Answer #9

As far as I know they ate a forbidden fruit,but I’m not sure what kind of fruit they ate.it could be kind of an apple…

Answer #10

I dont believe it had anything to do with eating.

Answer #11

The apple only represents knowledge. That is the symbol of the apple.

Answer #12

It’s not an apple firstly the tree of knowledge is a metaphor secondly apples were not in that region at that time and thirdly most people think it’s an apple because of medieval art that showed an apple most likely stemming from the fact that the Latin word for evil and apple is the same -malum

Answer #13

Oh yeah. Adam and eve ate the apple, because if they didn’t, then the world would be soooo much better… Js a beAutiful and perfect world

Answer #14

Agreed, it never actually says what fruit it is, so it could be anything.

Apple is symbolic for knowledge so personally I don’t see how that wild be forbidden. It would make more since to me if it were the pomegranate, it being the fruit f Hades in Greek mythology, & seeing how Tartarus, a level of Hades, is mentioned in the bible. But that’s just me. But who knows. Apple is symbolic of knowldge to the pagans, perhaps they went further out of their way to demonize the religion claiming the fruit of knowledge was the forbidden fruit perhaps to scare people into thinking knowldge is bad for you.

Answer #15

I did not know that. Thats actually pretty interesting

Answer #16

the same root word, i mean lol

Answer #17

I think they did eat the apple, otherwise why would they need to cover up their naked bodies. By the way, so bloody typical of a man to eat from the forbidden tree first and screwed it up for everyone… Even though Eve keep nagging and nagging for him to eat the apple, Adam did not have to touch it. He is THE MAN and Eve was only a nice spare rib…Only takes a man to be tempted, lost control and we are all screwed. :-) I think it was an apple, no other fruits are quite appropriate as an apple a day keeps the doctor away, thou in this case Satan away. :-P

Answer #18

The ‘serpent’ had arms and legs before he was cursed to go on his belly.
The ‘tree’ was something made of wood and ‘fastened’ together. I believe the tree was a wooden barrier room.
The term ‘eat’ has a generic meaning to take into ones body. The punishment placed on Eve, pain of conception (PMS?), labor pains are related to sex. Putting enmity between Eve’s seed and the Serpent’s seed again has to do with sex, and implies the Serpent inseminated Eve. I believe Cain’s offering was not accepted because he was not Adam’s son, he was the Serpent’s son and the offering should have been made to him instead. Later Cain kills his brother Abel fulfilling the enmity curse. I believe these verses are talking about the genetic contamination of the human DNA by a more advanced human subspecies. And Adam and Eve’s recognizing that their nakedness comes from them seeing the Serpent who had clothes on and realizing they had none.

Answer #19

There are some good arguements for it actually being something like a fig.

Answer #20

This is one of my favorite answers OF ALL TIME! hahahahahhahaaha

Answer #21

Read the cross referances and yo’all find out it was a grape. you want more details, tell me.

Answer #22

I have never heard anyone interpret “the fall” as Eve having sex with the serpant. Interesting. Did you come up with this yourself or is this a teaching of a group/sect?

Answer #23

Look up the Hebrew word for tree ‘ets’ Concordance # 6086 using Strong’s Concordance

Answer #24

“Vine tree”=grape

Answer #25

you don’t know? maybe do some research?

Answer #26

“Vine tree”=grape

Answer #27

Eve ate the grape (vine tree=grape) first, then Adam cause he loved her so much (love sometimes kills?), and then Adam blamed God for giving him this woman. The woman is the weaker vessel, (more women are sucked into cults than men, and then they drag their men in with them), men are to know the Bible and what Christianity is, so yeah, Adam screwed up. All he needed do was ask God for another woman. Thats why now the Bible says the man is the head of the marriage.

But cross reference through out the Bible, [vine, vine tree,grape,etc] and the fruit was a grape. Also, Jesus said He is the true vine (John 15.1)

Answer #28

fruit not specified Gen. 3:1-7 . dont worry it was rebellion and unbelief to be noticed rather than the fruit. the answer is gen .3:15 the Christ John 6:29 , John 6:47 :0)

Answer #29

I don’t think it was a apple. In movies/cartoons and books they always draw apples but in the Bible it never actually said the fruit was a apple. Thats the problem about movies, they make people believe false things sometimes.

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