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manic panic on wet hair

while your hair is wet will manic panioc hair dye still take?
will bleach?


My hair turned orange, what do I do?

I dye my hair but turn a orange what color should I put to get off all the orange asap help me


Black Girls Have The Prettiest Feet?

Do other guys agree with me that [ Black Girls Have The Pretty-est Feet !!!

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How can I make my hair curly without a perm?

how to make it curly??? my hair is darn straight and I need help!!!

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So I dyed my hair and now my roots are lighter ..

than the rest of my hair! What do I do?! Do you have an pictures where this actually looks nice?


What's the normal cup size for a 15 year old ?

I'm a 32 D is that normal ?


How should I fix my hair if it turned a light orange color ?

I used a blonde hair color in my hair and it turned light orange instead of light blonde. How can I make it light blonde?


Should guys shave their pubic hair?

im a male and I was wondering if I should shave my pubes. I know I should do what I want, but I was just wondering what all of you girls think out there

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How can I remove semi-permanent hair dye?

how can I get out semi permanent hair dye in less than 10 hours


What do girls like pierced on a guy?

im thinkin bout getting som piercings an I want to no what girls like?

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Clairol Hair Dye

How long can you leave a bottle of already mixed hair dye out and have still be effective


How do you get copper tone out of hair color?

I got my hair done at a salon and she put a copper tone in it and I want it out.

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Is my breast size 34a normal for a 13 year old?

Is my breast size 34a normal for a 13 year old? and is there a way to make them bigger?


How can I take out the red tint in my hair?

I was trying to take out some highlights and i used a brown color - now my hair looks red. how do i take out the red?


hair looks orange in light?

why does my dyed dark brown hair only look orange in light and dark brown in like regular lightingg??


When: Can you dye your hair while its wet? After you washed it?

I am dying my Moms hair for her. She has sum gray hairs. My Mom wants to know. Will it not work if your hair is wet?


shaving down there 4 girls

when girls shave down there..
I noe the front would be easy to shave..
but what if there's...
it would hurt 2 shave there & with what & how...
so women just not shave there ??

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Can I dye my hair black with blue tint?

Is there any way I can tint my black hair with blue without having to bleach it? I don't want blue hair I just want it to show in light.

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How to shave pubic hair without razor bumps?

whats the best way to shave the vagina without razor bumps?

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What do guys think of girls with braces?

what do guys think of girls with braces? im gettin braces in feb 1st and wounder what this boy I reallylike will think.

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How long does it take male pubic hair to grow back?

Is a male ment to shave his pubic hair and if he dose how log dose it take to grow back


Ash blond hair colour turned out too red, can I tone it

I used a loreal hair colour ash blond, its too red , is there \a product I can use to cool it down

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Nair - Hair Removing Cream on pubic hair?


I went through the website of Nair and its written that it should be applied on genitals !

now as I asked in my earlier questions, I want to remove the pubic hair from my private parts so is it advicable to use the hair removing cream like Nair ?...


How long to wait to swim after getting rebonded hair?

I rebonded my hair 5 months ago how long should I wait to swim after I rebonded my hair???please answer me thanks


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