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Ideas for hairstyles or haircuts for frizzy/damaged/thick/wavy hair?

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Alright, I'm getting sick and tired of just putting my hair in a ponytail and not doing anything creative with it. My hair is super bleached and damaged from hair dye and straightening, and it's super frizzy, suuuuper thick, and curly/wavy. I have red roots and black ends, and my hair goes down to my bra strap.

I usually just get out of the shower, air dry my hair, and then put it up in a ponytail for school/work/just going outside. I have straight bangs and I'd rather not straighten/curl my hair, but I always straighten my bangs before I leave. I have about 30 mins before I have to leave everyday, so I can't do super complicated styles.

So really, what I'm asking is if any of you guys know of some hairstyles that I can do that doesn't involve much work. I don't necessarily care if it's super cute or anything, I just want to do something different other than a ponytail. I'm even willing to cut my hair a different way if it means my hair can be more manageable. I'm trying to keep long hair, but it's so damaged I'm wondering if I should just cut it short and start over.

What do you guys think?