How can i make my own dry shampoo?

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You can make it with a number of around-the-home ingredients. You can use one of these ingredients or a combination of these; cornstarch, baby powder, arrowroot powder, cornmeal, and baking soda. All you really do is take the powder, or the powder mixture and rub it into the roots of your hair and then to brush off the excess. The powder will absorb the oils in your hair and make it look clean and washed. If you want a scented dry shampoo, take your powder mixture and add several drops of your favorite essential oil to it.

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o-o wont some of the powder end up staying in my hair O;

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Yep, but you rub it into the roots to make sure it isn't visible. Plus it helps keep your hair clean looking throughout the day. My grama does it all the time, she just rubs baby powder into her black hair. Lush makes a powder dry shampoo as well, I believe it is corn flower based as well, and has a lot of great reviews.,en_CA,pd.html But essentially, you rub a small amount into the roots, most shouldn't be visible, and then comb the excess out, there will still be some left, but they shouldn't be too visible.

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i just use babay powder :3 b4 i go to sleep.

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