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Nair pubic area

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pubic hairz

I have like 2 pimple lukin thingz in my pubic hairz. what could that mean?


Why am I scared to shave my pubic hair?

Is there any girls thats dont shave or trim their pubic hair? And if you dont, how come? And if you do, how come?

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shave pubic hiar

is it normel for guys to shave there pubic hair beacuse I do and im 14

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What about veet instead of nair

I hear that veet doesnt smell as bad as nair to use on my arms ?


Are there any girls who don't shave their pubic hair?

are there any girls that go natural and do not shave their pubic hair? I notice most girls do these days just curious...

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How do I stop irritatin when shaving pubic hair, I'm male?

I am a male and shave all the pubic hair for health reasons but how can I stop the irritation I get between my legs after shaving that area?


How do you style your pubic hair?

Hi how do you style your pubic hair because I don't want to shave it all off but I want it well trimmed and short can anyone help me?

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shaved my pubic hair, should I shave up to belly button?

I shaved my pubic hair and I'm a guy... should I shave the air that goes up my stomach to my belly button to?

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Does pubic hair grow back thicker and more painful?

Is it true if you keep shaving pubic hair that when it grows back, it keeps getting thicker and more painful?

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what is the best kinda wax to use when waxing your, well, lower areas?

i want a brazilian, and what is the best way to do it?


Can you use smooth away on your bikini area?,

does smooth away work? and are there any side affects, like it hurting?


How to shave pubic hair without razor bumps?

whats the best way to shave the vagina without razor bumps?

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Will nair harm my tattoo?

I use the new nair shower power but I just got a new tattoo ... will it cause the ink to pulll out?


How long does it take male pubic hair to grow back?

Is a male ment to shave his pubic hair and if he dose how log dose it take to grow back


Is it prefered to be shaved in the genital area?

Heya I just wanted to ask, do most peole prefer the genital area shaved or with natural pubic hair? Because I cut my pubic hair at the moment and I just want to know whether most people prefer this?


Is it better to wax or shave your pubic hair for girls?

Ohkay so I heard you should shave you should wax and then some one else told me to shave what should I do?

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What is the difference in pain for tattoos on fatty areas or not?

Just wondering if a tattoo on your side would hurt more if you don't have much fat there or does the fat make a difference?


waxing pubic hair

I think it would hurt but does it get less painful evenually and how long does it last


Should guys shave their pubic hair?

im a male and I was wondering if I should shave my pubes. I know I should do what I want, but I was just wondering what all of you girls think out there

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