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How can I make my boobs grow if I'm not even an A cup?

I wear a padded bra and im 13 every body else has bigger boobs and im going into 8th grade please tell me what to do to make my boobs grow

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can I dye my hair with Jolen cream bleach?

Okay so I have this little thingy and its called : "Jolen creme bleach" - lightens excess dark hair.
its says its for face, arms, body, and brows.
What if I want to use it on the hair on my head?
Will it work? will it make my hair fall off or some...


How can I get dimples when I smile?

So I have dimples, but I have to smile really weird and push out my lips far to get them.

This girl at my school has adorable dimples, they're very deep... and I want some better ones.
You look a little more charming with dimples in my opinion, so I ...

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Why do people want to get their tongues pierced?

I want to ask people who have got this piercing. How does it feel to taste things, eat, talk etc. after a Tongue Piercing.

Even tough I feel awkward for some other piercings gals do, I can accept it as people have different taste for fashion/look/styl...


What can I eat to make my chest bigger?

im 15 and I dont have the 'average' size in any other girl would, I want to be beautiful and look attractive.any advice on how to get bigger boobs? not just bra wise, I mean eating.u know how carrots make vision better.what can I eat that n...

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How to best treat navel piercings with having sensitive skin?

I just got my navel pierced about 4 days ago. Many say to wash it with anti-baterial body soap, but the only type of soap I can use is Dove due to extremely sensitive skin. Would Dove soap damage the piercing in any way? I'm using sea salt about thr...


Do unused bath/beauty products go bad?

I am obsessed with a discontinued line of bath products and have a ton of the stuff so that I don't run out for a while. I have body washes, scrubs, lipglosses, lotions, perfumes, and bubble baths from this line and I was wondering if these things exp...


Can you have smaller breasts and still be an hourglass figure?

I'm trying to determine my body shape and I just cannot figure out if I am pear or hourglas. I wear a 34 B bra and size 34 pants (actually 33,but you don't really get that much). Also my shoulders aren't tiny, like I've seen in the pear shaped figures ...

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How do you hide a tongue piercing?

I got my tongue pierced about 2 months ago, but took it out after 6 days because my parents didn't approve.

Now I'm studying abroad at a relative's, and I want my tongue pierced again w/out my aunt and uncle noticing (or else my parents will eventua...


My daughters breasts are very large

I have 2 daughters, 12 and 9, both of them have quite large breasts for their ages, which is a little unusual because mine are smaller. My eldest daughter wears a 34E and my youngest is in a 32C, my breasts are only 32B.
Its just they are both asking q...


Does a cartilage piercing hurt?

Ok, I am probably gonna get my cartilage pierced today. My mom said she didn't wanna drive very far, so we gotta just go to claires. Is that a good place to go? people say needles are better, but I HATE THEM!:( Also, aren't guns faster? ok, um, im 12-1...


What do full lips mean?

Hello..well a while ago I asked a question about big lips... I got all 12 positive answeres most said guys prefer big lips..well at school, why du boys take tha p outta them then ? Theres this girl shes also got big lips yes isnt thaa prettiest person ...

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How do you get rid of a huge nose!

Im 13 years and I cant have platic surgery, or can I. This bothers me so bad that my nose is so big. My nose is really really big. I am sure my nose is why im so ugly, because I have pretty big eyes and beatiful big lips and a cute face and cheeks but ...

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