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How to cover up your face with makeup so it doesn't turn red?

Like so i dont blush / get really red

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Does Polo Black cologne smell good?

i was thinking about buying my husband polo black.I was told it smelled good. whats your advice?


What are the stuff people use to cover up tattoos?

Is it like make up? Where can I get some? Im supposed to cover up my tattoos for christmas for my mom

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Please share about swimwear cover ups?

I need suitable and comfort swimwear cover ups. please tell me is right place?


How can I cover up a bruised lip?

I have a busted lip. It's swollen, cut and bruised.
Is there ANY way at all of hideing it? Like some kind of affordable make up that will cover it up?


What the best concealer to cover up scares on the face?

Hi im looking for a real good concealer to cover up marks on my face. Any ideas?


Who knows if a home hairdye cover my blonde and not go ginger?

I have brown hair with bleached fringe what home hairdye if any will cover this without it going ginger?

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How can I cover up the scars on my arms ?

My cat accidentaly scratched my arm and left 2 longgg scars on it , I want to cover them up because they look awful , how can I do it ?


sheer cover, bare minerals, bare essentials?

sheer cover... bare minerals... bare essentials... what's the difference? those of you who have one of these products what do you think? which one really works and really gives you the cover they say it will


How to cover up acne scaring?

What foundation would cover up acne scaring, red scars? Preferably foundations found in the uk. And maybe a few tips on actually covering them up?


Tips to smell good "down there"

Hmm, title says it all.
I guess we all have to ask that question at one point in our life.


How do I get the smell of died mouse out of my cloths?

I was moving and put my clothes in a tub that had a lid and some how a mouse got in there and died.and now its in my clothes help!!!


Ways to cover up freckles

I have freckles on my face.I hate them.any advise on how 2 get them to go away or appear to go away?


Good cologne to smell good for the ladies?

whats a really good buy these days...iwant to buy some new cologne...but I want to know what the ladies like to smell???


how does Hemp Lotion smell?

does hemp lotion smell like weed? I was on the sallys beauty website, and noticed that the lotion bottle had a picture of a pot leaf on it..?


how do I cover it up?

I burned myself on the neck with a straightener and now it's all purple and really obvious. Is there anything I can do to make it go away quicker or at least cover it up?


~best smelling shampoo/conditionair~

what do you think the best smelling shampoo and conditionair is?
I love vo5! the chamapin kiss shampoo smells so good when you get out of the shower!

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Whats your favourite bath and body works smell?

wuts your favorite bath and body works smell?
I realy like their new smell called Twilight Woods.

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Can you cover over a tattoo?

I have a tattoo on my ankle and I was wondering if I could get it covered over. It's not a big tat, it was done with indian ink (yes I did it myself. young and stupid)..

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How can i cover a pimple really well with limited makeup products?

I hav multiple shades of foundation, blush, bronzer.


How do you cover scars?

I am going on vacation soon and have scars from cutting. What will help me hide it without wearing long sleeved shirts?


My hair never stays clean smelling

I can get a shower, dry off, and 2 or 3 hours later, my hair will smell oily/dirty. How can I prevent my hair from smelling so bad?


what does horse shampoo smell like?

oky well I want to grow my hair out and people say horse shapoo grows it faster and I was wondering if it smells bad.


Make-up to cover freckles?

Ok I have freckles and I want to know what kind of make-up should I be using to cover them without anyone knowing I have any?
Please I need help again lol :)

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