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My hair turned orange, what do I do?

I dye my hair but turn a orange what color should I put to get off all the orange asap help me


How can I make my hair curly without a perm?

how to make it curly??? my hair is darn straight and I need help!!!

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So I dyed my hair and now my roots are lighter ..

than the rest of my hair! What do I do?! Do you have an pictures where this actually looks nice?


How should I fix my hair if it turned a light orange color ?

I used a blonde hair color in my hair and it turned light orange instead of light blonde. How can I make it light blonde?


How can I remove semi-permanent hair dye?

how can I get out semi permanent hair dye in less than 10 hours


How do you get copper tone out of hair color?

I got my hair done at a salon and she put a copper tone in it and I want it out.

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hair looks orange in light?

why does my dyed dark brown hair only look orange in light and dark brown in like regular lightingg??


Clairol Hair Dye

How long can you leave a bottle of already mixed hair dye out and have still be effective


How can I take out the red tint in my hair?

I was trying to take out some highlights and i used a brown color - now my hair looks red. how do i take out the red?


Can I dye my hair black with blue tint?

Is there any way I can tint my black hair with blue without having to bleach it? I don't want blue hair I just want it to show in light.

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Ash blond hair colour turned out too red, can I tone it

I used a loreal hair colour ash blond, its too red , is there \a product I can use to cool it down

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How long to wait to swim after getting rebonded hair?

I rebonded my hair 5 months ago how long should I wait to swim after I rebonded my hair???please answer me thanks


How can a guy get hair waves fast?

hey everyone. now, I've been brushing my hair to get waves, but it isnt working too well does anyone know how to get waves better, and faster?


How can I get this tint out of my hair?

If I dyed my hair dark brown but it is now a greyish green what color would I use to fix this


How much does it cost to get your hair done for prom?

Need to get my hair done, dont have a lot of money..just wondering how much it would cost me


Does tomatoe ketchup make your hair blonde?

Is it true tomatoe ketchup turns your hair back blonde if it goes ginger? Or if it goes green in chlorine?


How safe is it to dye my rebonded hair?

Hi. I had a rebonding session a month ago and am now thinking of dyeing my hair.

Will dyeing my rebonded hair affect how my hair is? Will it cause my hair not to be straight anymore?


Hair dye ketchup

I know this sounds stupid but if you put tomato ketchup in your hair does it dye your hair red till you wash it out? Lol x


How do I get hair dye out of a white hat?

How do I get hair dye out of a white hat? The hat is 90% cotton and 10% polyester. Please hellp me figure out how to remove the hair dye from my hat.


What color should I dye my hair?

im dying my hair I duno what colour to go for you will c my pic can someone help me please???


How can I get red tones out of my hair?

How can I get rid of my red/brown tones and even it out with my dark blonde hair? Any Advice?
I am familiar with toners and bases.


why is black people hair so different from white people???

why is black people hair so different from white people...I dont wanna sound weird but why cant some black peoples hair be all soft and flowey like white people and hispanics what do they do to their hair>???


Fading black hair dye

Okayy well...
I've read that loads of people are trying Head and Shoulders shampoo or washing up liquid to fade black hair dye.
Does it actually work?


Can black hair be colored by using store bought hair color dye?

Can black hair be colored by using store bought hair color dye? I want to be a brunette. every time I try and dye my hair it comes out with a red tinge to it. I don't want red. Is there a store dye I could buy that might turn my hair browner and no...


What's the best way to dye brown hair to blonde?

I have dark brown hair and would like to go blonde, how do I do that without turning it orange or killing my hair? What is the best way?


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